Bill and Monica King, the owners of 24 Hour Family Fitness, are family oriented, funny and friendly people that are great candidates to own a local business. As soon as you walk in the doors of 24 Hour Family Fitness, Bill is there to greet you with a smile and a handshake. Outside of the gym, Bill is a huge family man. He and Monica have five children and six grandchildren. They are always ready to spend time with their family and catch up with friends. Bill’s brother is a former professional bodybuilder; so the idea of fitness has been around the King family for generations. 

 Bill has always had an interest in fitness and the body. He used to coach boys club and girls club in his spare time and went on to coach his youngest son, Michael, in baseball. That is, until Michael got very good and earned a scholarship to play. Whether at the gym or out in life, Bill loves to add value to people’s life and he loves that he is at a job now that lets him do that. Before the Kings bought what is now 24 Hour Family Fitness, Bill was a member of Year Four from the day it opened. After being a member there for four years he had the opportunity to purchase it and did just that. Bill had a decent job before, but he wanted something that would be more rewarding and challenging. November will mark the 21st year of business since the Kings bought it.

Bill's goal is to help people get better if they want to. 24 Hour Family Fitness has a great atmosphere that allows for a work out that is not uncomfortable or awkward. There is even a strictly ladies only room where women can workout in a more comfortable environment, if they wish. With a place for children to play while parents exercise and options for tanning and personal training, 24 Hour Family Fitness is a great place to get a membership to.

Bill understands the challenge is that no one person will start from the same point in life. The reward happens when he gets to watch his clients reach and go beyond their goals. There is always a smiling face ready to greet you at the doors and many options for you to choose from. They have a great selection of equipment and they also offer weight loss programs that include meal planning and independent workout plans, as well as unlimited tanning. 24 Hour Family Fitness has truly gone above and beyond in what they do. You will not be disappointed there.