FREE Kids Club!

24 Hour Family Fitness is a family friendly gym providing a safe play area for your kids in the Ozark, Russellville and Clarksville, Arkansas area. The Kids Club has a glass wall for parents to see their kids during workouts. Also, there is closed circuit TV monitor to see your kids while Moms are doing class. Although we are a 24 hour facility; Kids Club is only open during staff hours. We are not named the Family Fitness center for no reason. We understand that family is important to you. Additionally, there is no reason to get a babysitter or leave the kids at home when you can bring them with you.

There are toys for them and they are surrounded in a friendly environment. We do this for your convenience. We know that it can be tough trying to find a time to go to the gym and we want to remove every excuse for you. That is why we offer free childcare for members. Additionally, we know that it can be hard to leave your kids in a room if you cannot see them. That is why we made glass doors for your comfort. There’s no reason to feel unsafe about leaving your children and our kids area. They will have fun and will be excited the next time you say you’re going to the gym.

There is also a table and see area for school children who need to get school work done while you are working out. There’s no reason that they could not get this done at the gym. Furthermore, there are several great aspects of having this kids area at 24 hour family fitness. With you in mind, we have designed this area to be a fun and inviting space for everyone.